Our Ancestors II

Updated 26 October 2020

This is what I had written in November 2009 on Our Ancestors. You can click here if you don’t believe me.

I am going back in time on Our Ancestors II because of this comment I got…

Hello Pierre,

My father was Thomas Meteyer. His father was Ernest Meteyer, whose father was Francois Frank X Meteyer, who came to the USA as a child. I think he was Edouard’s brother.
Frank X’s father, was Jean Metayer…then Augustin, Louis and Jacques. From there I can follow our lineage to Jean Nicolet.

I am 73 now. I didn’t start an ancestry search until recently. The tree you provide was most helpful. Thank you!

My email is …

Now this is the original post I had written back in 2009.


This is Édouard’s family tree. Édouard is my great-grandfather, a man I never met but that I admire a lot…

The only thing I knew about him was that he died in 1928.

With Mr. Courtemanche’s information, I looked for Édouard’s ancestors and this is what I found out…

His father was Édouard Elzéar Métayer.

Here is a picture of Édouard and his family in Montreal. I think it was taken around 1912.

famille Métayer

The person who sent me this picture is Édouard’s granddaughter. Her name is Thérèse Métayer. She did not know me, but someone she knows stumbled on my genealogy site and saw his great-grandfather’s file. Thérèse then wrote me an e-mail and the flood gate opened wide.

Édouard is in the second row on the right. His wife Angélina Renaud is beside him. His son Joseph is on the left. In front are people Thérèse did not know, but I believe the old man in the middle is Édouard’s father who came to visit him.

Édouard Elzéar Métayer lived in the quartier Saint-Roch in Québec City. He married Philomène Dupont in Ste-Famille in l’Île d’Orléans on April 13, 1869. Édouard was born on October 5, 1869. If you count well there is a six month difference between the marriage and Édouard’s birth. Either Édouard was a premature baby or he was born out of wedlock…

When his father remarried in 1878, Delphine Chalifour, his new wife, did not care that much about his son-in-law so she told Édouard to go and live with his uncle in Montreal. I believe this uncle is the man on the right in the first row. He would be François-Xavier Métayer but I don’t have a clue. The same is true about the identity of the man on the left. He looks like a Métayer, but Édouard did not have a brother, so he might be a cousin.

Next time when you come back to visit me, I will have more pictures that were sent by Thérèse Métayer about a man I knew almost nothing before I got hooked on genealogy.

If I want to continue writing about the Meteyer family and posting old photos I will be posting them here on Our Ancestors II, starting with this photo.