Going back to Rochester, New York in 1916

I don’t intend to identify all these people. However when I find someone I had not been able to identify, I will write about it.

The Munding and the Meteyer families are on this photo taken in 1916. I am sure it’s 1916 because of this woman I believe has to Églantine Niquette.

At first I thought she was a little on the heavy size, but this morning I found out that Églantine Niquette was in fact about 6 or 8-months pregnant. She would give birth to Joseph Alfred Métayer on July 8,1916 in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec. Little Alfred would die a month later on August 17, 1916.

Églantine Niquette was married to Frank Meteyer who I think is here behind is mother Clara.

Frank had married his cousin Églantine in 1911. Églantine was the daughter of Émile Niquette and Genevieve Meteyer. This is who I think is Genevieve Meteyer.

She was F-X Meteyer’s sister seen with his wife Clara Niquette, Églantine’s aunt.

Before I had figured this photo was taken in 1916 because Josephine Munding was holding her son Ernest Charles Meteyer born January 4, 1916.

Ernest is just a few months old just by looking at how Josephine is holding him.

So what about Églantine Niquette who had married Frank Meteyer February 23, 1911?

These are their children I could find documents on.

Joseph François Xavier Émile Métayer 1912–
Aline Métayer 1913–
 Joseph Alfred Métayer 1916–1916
 Marie Pauline Annette Métayer 1917–
 Joseph Horace Roger Métayer 1918–
 Rita Métayer 1921–
 Yvette Marie Fernande Métayer 1923–

Rita is the child I could find a marriage certificate. She married Henri Parizeau in 1951. I don’t think they had any children who might want to look for their ancestors.

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