This new blog about our ancestors is a sort of experiment. I have had very few readers from now, but having lots of readers is beside the point.

One day someone will stumble upon this blog and feel somewhat overwhelmed. This is what happens when someone stumble upon the original Our Ancestors where I posted more than 1500 articles.

Having met the Meteyer family in 1938, the search is on for descendants of the Munding family.

Josephine Munding, Ernest Darius Meteyer’s wife, is seen here with her parents Joseph Munding and Margaret Ritz, and her sister Anna Martha Munding.

Shared by Michael Meteyer’s sister last October, I have been able to find out who were most of these people and write about them a little on Our Ancestors II.

Last week this is what I had written…

I won’t even try to identify all these people nor ask you to count how many you see.


Do you honestly believe what I had written?

Last week I remembered Grace Kenealy’s niece.

She was found here on Find A Grave…

Chances are slim I will ever be contacted by her descendants, maybe one chance in a quadrillion?


What about identifying some ancestors on this group photo? Why not start with the baby Josephine Munding was holding in the spring of 1916 in Rochester, New York.

Tune in next Sunday morning for Season 1, Episode 7 – Ernest Charles Meteyer on Our Ancestors II.

As always, always feel free to contact me… It’s always free!

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