Where all this will lead us to I have no idea and it’s the most exciting part of writing about it.

How many people on this photo are waiting to be remembered?

When Michael Meteyer’s sister sent me this photo last October I could not help myself searching who was who. I had to find out who were these people and also write about it on Our Ancestors II.

Of course Michael Meteyer’s sister wanted to know who were these two people she had circled, but I wanted to go all in.

I am sure one day Michael Meteyer will  write something on Our Ancestors II. Readers’ contributions fuel this blog.

Getting back to my question…

So how many people have you counted? It’s much easier than counting how many people are on this one isn’t.


So how many people have you counted ? Write down your answer in the comment section.

Last week the question was who were the three children in front? I had a few hypotheses.

I think I found one child…

Patricia Kenealy

Patricia Kenealy montage

As always, always feel free to contact me… It’s always free!

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