The Meteyer Family – Season I, Episode 2 – 233, Cartier, Montreal


Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary Station House 4 is my alter ego on this case. Sometimes when I watched Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix I find it hard to follow his train of thoughts.

I am sure you have the same feeling reading what I have been writing about this photo.

Last Sunday I let my imagination run wild and let my alter ego loose on the trail of 22 people.

He started with the clues Thomas Meteyer’s daughter had written on a photo taken in the Summer of 38, and William Murdoch was able to identify 17 out of 22 people.

No bad isn’t?

But he could have been wrong.

To recap…

Thomas Oscar Meteyer

Ernest Darius Meteyer

Josephine Munding

Paul Arthur Meteyer

David Holloway Meteyer

Clarence John Meteyer

Helen Holloway.

Clara Niquet

Margaret Ritz



Joseph Munding

Anna Martha Munding

Edith Meteyer

Ruth Meteyer

Ernest Charles Meteyer ? and Catherine Meteyer ?

Victor Sylvester Meteyer

This left him with five people: the young mother, three children in front and the man beside Ernest Darius Meteyer.

One answer was probably found here with the montage William Murdoch had made last week comparing two men who looked so much alike.

This photo was taken in 1914 years in Montreal.

He even had found the address… 233 Cartier Street in Montreal.

When my alter ego compared the two photos he quicky jumped to the conclusion that these were the same man. Jumping to conclusions is not always the best thing to do when you are trying to identify who’s who on old photos.

Looking closely at the 1914 photo, the man on the right, who I first thought was François-Xavier, was in fact his brother Arthur Métayer. Arthur’s moustache was a dead give away.

The old man in the middle had to be my great-grandfather’s father Elzéar Métayer who would have come all the way from Quebec City to visit his son on Cartier street in Montreal.

Maybe he wanted to tell his son Édouard he was sorry he had listened to his second wife who wanted Édouard to go and live with his uncle François-Xavier in Montreal. Well that’s the story Thérèse Métayer, my father’s cousin, had told me in 2010 which led me to believe Elzéar was in the middle.

But I digress…

Who was the man on the left looking so much like the mysterious man next to Ernest Darius Meteyer in 1938?

It was his father Émile Niquet

Clara Niquet was the daughter of Pierre Niquet and Rose-Délima Montmarquet. Her siblings were…

Édouard Niquet 1852–
Alphonsine Niquette 1856–1930
Émile Niquette 1859–1934
Louis Charles Clovis Niquet 1864–1936
Louis Niquette 1867–
Joseph Alfred Olympe Niquet 1870–

Émile Niquette married Geneviève Métayer who was Elzéar, Arthur and François-Xavier’s sister.

Their children were:

Églantine Niquette 1885–1953,

Rose Alma Éva Niquette 1888–1899,

Ernest Niquette 1890–?,

Thérèse Niquette 1895–1976,

Anna Niquette 1896–?,

Émilienne Niquette 1898–1945

Ernest Niquette can only be the man in the 1938 photo. He would have come down all the way from Montreal to Rochester in the Summer of 38 to visit his aunt Clara Niquet and his cousin Ernest Darius Meteyer.

Émile Niquet is the only one my alter ego can think of being on the left…

Next time on the Meteyer Family, who was the young mother with Robert L. Meteyer, and who were the three children in front?

Or will there be a next time?


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